Technology Integration

Over the last 10 years, PM Technologies has assisted a variety of companies involved in the IT industry on projects ranging from complicated business application deployment to facilitating a corporate wide initiative to update the Windows operating system on 12,000 computers located across the United States.

IT projects offer challenges not normally faced by other industries. The ever-evolving software and hardware used in the industry makes managing “scope creep” a particular challenge for IT project teams. To help overcome this challenge, we have assisted our clients to become more competent in the usage of project management best practices, and we have helped companies improve the project management maturity of their organizations so that they can properly address changes to the scope as they occur.

Companies implementing software solutions face more technical considerations than ever. Today’s complex business processes connect people with information both inside and outside traditional organizational boundaries. Competitive and regulatory pressures force continual changes in order to improve upon existing processes. To avoid restricting the flow of information, the software applications used to facilitate these processes must be flexible.

Fortunately, organizations have been able to successfully solve these challenges, with many of these solutions becoming today’s technology standards. These standards are the basis for integrating PM Technologies’ solutions into complex, modern IT environments.

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What Our Clients Say…

  • “PM Technologies has repeatedly proven its capability to understand our goals and efficiently and effectively advance those goals in regards to our long term objectives. PM Technologies was a critical component of our most recent renovation at LAX. They consistently resolve complicated issues with creativity and the highest standards of professional service.”

    Doyle Steele – Regional Manager, Delta Corporate Real Estate