PM Technologies is a project management firm that helps its clients plan, organize, execute, and control their project portfolios for the purpose of improving business performance in repeatable, measurable ways. We drive operational efficiencies for our clients by applying proven project management practices from our decades of collective leadership experience.

Founded in 2001 by Tom Meyers, Certified Project Management Professional, PM Technologies helps organizations both large and small perform to maximum potential by helping them bring projects to a successful completion on time and within budget. Our targeted offerings address business needs in the following areas:


Project Management

A certified project manager from PM Technologies can be the answer to better decisions, information, and execution.



Portfolio Management

PM Technologies’ project portfolio management (PPM) approach helps you select and manage an optimal portfolio of projects.



Project Recovery

Our certified project managers have decades of experience recognizing projects that were destined for failure and turning them into a success.


PM Technologyies Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Our IT staffing solutions help you secure and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success–your people.


Precise execution of your projects and corporate initiatives is crucial to the health of your entire organization. The consequences of project failure are grim. Our highly seasoned PM Technologies certified professionals will help you maintain focus on critical project activities to attain frequent, tangible, and repeatable results.

To find out more about how PM Technologies can bring your next project to a successful completion contact us today.