Portfolio Management

Working on the right projects at the right time is critical to sustain a competitive advantage, yet many organizations struggle with allocating limited resources and assets wisely. PM Technologies’ Project Portfolio Management (PPM) approach helps you select and manage an optimal portfolio of projects – one that maximizes your organization’s responsiveness, revenues, and adaptability while keeping the projects aligned with your strategic business goals and objectives.

PM Technologies helps structure your PPM practices to provide your organization with a consistent way to select, prioritize, and manage projects that deliver maximum business value. Our PMP certified project managers can fully examine your project portfolio and ask the questions that demand profitable and executable answers…

  • Are we investing in the right things?
  • Are we optimizing our capacity?
  • How well are we executing?
  • Can we absorb all the changes?
  • Are we realizing the promised benefits?

Sound project and portfolio management demands definitive answers to crucial, but difficult questions.  With millions of dollars in financial and human resources on the line, the answers to these questions can literally make or break the enterprise.

But it’s not enough to decide which projects to undertake from the results of a spreadsheet or database query. The relevant facts need to be weighed against instinct for the situation by both business leaders and project managers before a decision can be made – the instinct that comes only from years of experience managing corporate projects. PM Technologies’ project managers have this experience and can bring it to bear on your company’s project portfolio.

When PM Technologies integrates dynamic PPM practices into your business cycle, you can be assured your organization is delivering projects most essential to strategy execution and corporate performance. 

For more information on how PM Technologies can help you fine tune your PPM practices, contact us today.

What Our Clients Say…

  • “PM Technologies has repeatedly proven its capability to understand our goals and efficiently and effectively advance those goals in regards to our long term objectives. PM Technologies was a critical component of our most recent renovation at LAX. They consistently resolve complicated issues with creativity and the highest standards of professional service.”

    Doyle Steele – Regional Manager, Delta Corporate Real Estate