Our Partners

Our Partners

PM Technologies has developed award-winning partnerships with leading technology firms to deliver a broad array of hardware, software, and mobile managed services to meet diverse challenges in the marketplace. These strategic relationships ensure PM Technologies’ customers receive the best solution for their needs, at a better value.


Emerson’s Liebert

Liebert  is one of several strategic product brands of Emerson Network Power, having proven equity, significant marketing support, and strong added value. Liebert provides innovative business critical continuity solutions from grid to chip for telecommunication networks, data centers, health care, and industrial facilities.

The global Liebert brand has come to command high recognition and strong equity, throughout four decades of industry leadership of delivering outstanding products and services. That’s why we specialize in the installation, training, operation, and technical support of Liebert UPS systems.

Committed to delivering solutions for 24×7 mission critical business applications, PM Technologies is proud to represent Liebert as a re-seller of UPS systems to its Fortune 500 client base. For world-class performance and superior service on the entire line of Liebert power continuity components,



Firms that want to improve compliance recording, operational efficiency, customer experience, while reducing risk and eliminating financial crime, turn to NICE Systems. NICE is the leading provider of Insight from Interactions solutions and value-added services, including voice, web, email, radio, video, and other data sources.

PM Technologies is a preferred NICE integrator and is the number one integrator of the NICE Hybrid SVR 920 in North America. We have provided the program management and the installation of NICE smart video recorders (SVRs) at over 40 strategic locations among the world’s largest enterprises.

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