About Us


PM Technologies is a project management firm that helps its clients plan, organize, execute, and control their project portfolios for the purpose of improving business performance in repeatable, measurable ways. We drive operational efficiencies for our clients by applying proven project management practices from our decades of collective leadership experience.

Founded in 2001 by Tom Meyers, Certified Project Management Professional, PM Technologies helps organizations both large and small perform to maximum potential by helping them bring projects to a successful completion on time and within budget.


PMT What we do

PM Technologies provides project management expertise to implement large complex projects. Our “Team Approach” is the cornerstone of PM Technologies’ management philosophy.

We accomplish our clients’ goals by becoming an extension of the clients’ organization, providing the expertise necessary to ensure project time, cost, and quality objectives are met or exceeded.

As an independent “third party” PM Technologies is able to provide the most thorough and objective insight into the client’s project goals and objectives.


Our mission is to provide professionalism and excellence in project management, while creating value, accountability and partnership with our clients.

Our motto:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Results

Project Management Experts

That Make a Difference for your Organization

Our proven ability to deliver difficult, complex projects is why PM Technologies is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies. We have managed more than $5 billion in strategic projects by offering customized solutions based on our clients’ business needs. Our expert management team is actively involved in the leadership of all client engagements. Whether you need a professional project manager, mentorship, or standards and process improvement, PM Technologies has the expertise to meet your needs.

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