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Our company has been involved in large scale projects in the finance industry. Our portfolio work includes a major server migration and consolidation of over 3000 servers to reduce costs, improve capabilities and sunset legacy applications.



PM Technologies has worked in the Healthcare field for 12+ years. We have worked on projects that range from Project Office creation and Project Management Assessments for an IS department to IT deployments of a common computer system and LAN infrastructure at 150 sites across the nation.


PMT has been working in the automobile industry on various project implementations. From upgrading servers and OS platforms for nationwide organizations to DVR upgrades for auction equipment at 90 locations around the US.

Construction Management

PM Technologies has been involved in many facilities and construction programs across multiple industries. Program Management involves multiple levels of complexities, stakeholders, teams and milestones. In most cases,

Information Technology

PM Technologies has the expertise to assure your IT projects are successful. Our company has managed 100’s of successful IT projects across multiple industries. The long term result has saved our clients both time and revenue.


Advances in telecom technologies continue to create significant business opportunities, even spawning entirely new business models. The telecommunications industry is undergoing revolutionary change that is redefining the marketplace and creating lucrative opportunities for well-positioned, forward thinking organizations.


PM Technologies has a long history of working with private and public-sector transportation clients to develop and execute strategies for achieving business and organizational goals. Whether clients move people or goods by land, sea, or air, PM Technologies is a recognized leader in the improvement of transportation services and operations.