PMT has been working in the automobile industry on various project implementations. From upgrading servers and OS platforms for nationwide organizations to DVR upgrades for auction equipment at 90 locations around the US. In addition we have worked with ad managers, disaster recovery systems, data security, servers, upgrades and wireless networks.  Our IT services and PM services have been designed to work seamlessly with our clients. Our capabilities range from large scale deployments, to small programs or simply audits of current conditions or project office assessments with recommendations. We offer a wide range of services to assist your organization in meeting its goals.  We take pride in our projects finishing on time or early and we have saved our clients 9-10% on average in revenue in this industry.


Our executive experience in the Aviation industry spans 25+years. We have a deep understanding of the challenges involved working in the aviation industry and the unique perspective of airports and the airlines that serve its passengers. PMT understands the priority of the safety and wellbeing of both passengers and employees and the fact that airports never stop operating. Our work in aviation has involved 100’s of specialized IT deployments and facility/construction programs in various terminals worldwide. Program Management in airports involved multiple stakeholders. PMT has become specialized in offering liaison services to our clients. Whether its a navigating the permit requirements required to get your NTP or working through multiple stakeholder meetings to obtain agreement on projects, we work on behalf of our clients to move the program forward.

Facilities/Construction Management

PM Technologies has been involved in many facilities and construction programs across multiple industries. Program Management involves multiple levels of complexities, stakeholders, teams and milestones. In most cases, the program is broken down into many packages of projects that overlap each other. Our team has managed programs that range from multiple millions of dollar build-outs in live 24 hour locations to Project Office assessments of organizations that need to improve project delivery and track project costs and spending. Additionally we offer project audits and have conducted those audits along with facility audits (working with a team of professionals) to determine the current conditions of property in order to estimate the capital expenditure and prioritize needs in building maintenance.


Our company has been involved in large scale projects in the finance industry. Our portfolio work includes a major server migration and consolidation of over 3000 servers to reduce costs, improve capabilities and sunset legacy applications. Additionally, through our process audits and project management, we have also successfully implemented PCI-DSS compliance programs and support programs that aid business units worldwide.


PM Technologies has worked in the Healthcare field for 12+ years. We have worked on projects that range from Project Office creation and Project Management Assessments for an IS department to IT deployments of a common computer system and LAN infrastructure at 150 sites across the nation. Our project managers and our successful projects have helped two major healthcare organizations successfully merge, and to train and grow a team of 200 project managers for another.

Information Technology

PM Technologies has the expertise to assure your IT projects are successful. Our company has managed 100’s of successful IT projects across multiple industries. The long term result has saved our clients both time and revenue. In addition to our experienced PM staff, we also have our own team of IT specialists and engineers to assist with implementations and troubleshooting. Need a large team or a few quality IT professionals to come on board at your organization? We also offer IT staffing as an additional service.


PM Technologies has worked in this industry with some of the early innovators. Our projects have included project managing a fiber optics implementation across three states for a major telcom organization to managing a program that implemented major IP telcom services to enhance the environment. In addition, we have worked on a large scale telcom refresh infrastructure to reduce operating cost and create efficiency.