Only a few short years ago, it was voice calls that brought money to the telecoms, which led equipment manufactures to concentrate on voice-enabled devices. Now, voice is taking a backseat, while data and video have become the core focus areas. Any new network standard aims at faster data connectivity, quick video streaming with high resolution, and rich multimedia applications.

With these emerging revenue channels, telecom companies have seen a spike in the amount of data they need to manage, including call detail, network, and potentially sensitive customer data. Controlling these projects is no easy task. Telecom project managers are required to understand the technical, social, financial, and regulatory aspects of the data their customers have entrusted to them.

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Such large projects call for experienced leadership and experts in the discipline of project management. Precise execution of projects and programs is imperative to cost containment, sustainability, growth, and profitability.

PM Technologies’ project management experts are the perfect fit to help guide, lead, and support your mission-critical program and project initiatives in the global telecommunications space.

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Advances in telecom technologies continue to create significant business opportunities, even spawning entirely new business models. The telecommunications industry is undergoing revolutionary change that is redefining the marketplace and creating lucrative opportunities for well-positioned, forward thinking organizations.